As-salamu alaykum,
welcome to Dubai Schools Mirdif.

It is a great honour for me to join you as the principal of Dubai Schools Mirdif (DSM), a growing community of around 800 students and 100 staff.

Our community is a place where everyone feels welcome and comes together to support and encourage each other and share our desire to make learning irresistible.

Mirdif Principal

When we look at our students, we do not just see who they are now, but also envision who they can become in the future. Every day, in every lesson, we will strive to align learning experiences with our students’ passions and interests, stimulate and challenge their thinking, push their creativity and build their confidence, and prepare them with the skills and ability to effectively navigate change and be successful in rapidly changing environments. We also love and understand that all students learn in different ways and have unique talents and skills. Our task, as a school, is to find out how our students learn best and to tailor instruction to meet each child’s specific needs.

I am proud to say that our American curriculum school is committed to building strong and vibrant academic, artistic, and athletic programs which engage students in the process of learning, setting goals and striving to meet them, and taking ownership over their challenges and successes as they make progress toward their attainment targets. Based on the Common Core State Standards, the Dubai Schools curriculum integrates the UAE National Standards with a large focus on Arabic, Islamic, and English language and literacy through an interdisciplinary teaching approach. This approach allows our students, who are predominantly English language learners, to improve their comprehensive capability and academic ability in both English and Arabic. Our curriculum also emphasizes holistic education, the wholeness and relevance of knowledge and the building of basic skill sets across all discipline areas. To invigorate students’ interests, teachers will be using using Project Based Learning, STEAM, computational and design thinking processes, as this will help them to inquire with skills training support, the integration of different subjects, and social practice.

At DSM we believe that the four walls of our buildings do not determine a student’s success but rather the relationships built and contributions made. We are both privileged and humbled to be a partner with parents, our sister schools within the Taaleem Group, and the Dubai Government as we collectively build the foundation of your children’s character in a climate of support, encouragement, and intellectual risk taking. We believe that education is about building relationships between peers as they journey towards success, between students and teachers as they work together both inside and outside the classroom, and between our faculty and families as they work both collaboratively and cooperatively towards reaching common goals aligned to the mission and vision of our school. We work hard to structure our programs and recruit our faculty and staff with these in mind.

Dubai Schools Mirdif is home to a tight-knit community where everyone matters and diversity and collaboration are celebrated. This supportive community will empower students to find their voice as they hone their personal and academic skills to build lifelong relationships on their path to being successful global citizens who contribute in a positive way to the world that surrounds us. When you visit our school, I am confident you will feel the strong sense of community and care for one another. You will also be able to observe the passion and energy that our staff have for their work, which drives our commitment to providing an outstanding and impactful education for our students.

I look forward to welcoming you to Dubai Schools Mirdif. Please stop by and say hello.

Aimee Fleming Principal