The school's curriculum is developed to support the need for relevance, belonging, competence, relationships, and fun that characterize early adolescent learners. The school uses, as its starting point for curriculum development, the Engage New York curriculum which is available online.

The Engage NY English Language Arts Curriculum was developed by the State of New York in partnership with Expeditionary Learning, an American curriculum development company committed to designing a curriculum that specifically addresses the integration of multiple disciplines, the transfer of skills across disciplines, the development of a positive mindset, community engagement, the ethical treatment of others, complexity, craftmanship, and authenticity. The modules available online overtly link the ELA standards with cross-disciplinary learning in the areas of social studies and science. The school will expand these connections to include links to the study of Islam, Arabic, and moral education.

  • integration of multiple disciplines
  • transfer of skills across disciplines.
  • development of a positive mindset.
  • community engagement.
  • ethical treatment of others
  • complexity, craftsmanship, and authenticity.

The Engage NY mathematics curriculum was developed in partnership with another curriculum company, Great Minds. This company’s Eureka Math program forms the basis of the curriculum modules that are available online at the NYSED website. The curriculum is specifically designed to spark students’ curiosity and encourage deep mathematical thinking. The school will use this curriculum as its starting point, customizing it for the needs of its students.

Students in Phase 3 are required to enroll in standard elective classes that encourage them to pursue interests and passions beyond the core curriculum. This required broad exposure ensures that students have the opportunity to explore talents and interests they might not have previously employed. This exposure sets the stage for the high school elective experience which allows a bit more freedom for students to purse elective courses more specific in focus and interest. Middle school standard elective classes include Physical Education, Visual Arts, Computer Technology, and Music.

In all subject areas, the curriculum is designed to ensure students meet the standards for each area of study. The curriculum will continue to include experiential learning opportunities both in the school and as much as possible within the wider community so that students can make real-world connections to their learning, as well as learn about Emirati culture. As in early learning and elementary school, the curriculum will continue to be inclusive, adaptable, culturally relevant, active, social, and integrated.

Students in the Middle school will be enrolled in the English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Arabic, Islamic Studies, UAE Social Studies, Social Studies, Moral Education and Physical Education. Students will make two elective choices:

  • One choice from the Arts (Music, Theater, Band or Visual Arts)
  • One choice: Model United Nations (MUN) or Computer Studies & Digital Fluency
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