At the KG1 and KG2 levels, an experiential, play-based, and developmentally appropriate curriculum has been designed based on both NYSED standards as well as additional standards. The specially-refined curriculum will address the additional domains when it comes to the Approaches to Learning, Physical Development and Health, Social and Emotional Learning, and Approaches to Communication

Dubai Schools Mission

These additional domains of learning are also provided by the State of New York and are based on recommendations from the (US) National Association for the Education of Young Children which are based on these premises:

  1. All children are capable of learning, achieving, and making developmental progress.
  2. Children develop at different rates and all children are unique in their own development, growth, and acquisition of skills
  3. Appropriate and reasonable accommodations must be provided to empower all children to succeed.
  4. Children are active learners. A primary approach to learning is through purposeful play.
  5. Children’s learning is integrated and occurs simultaneously across all domains, which are interrelated and interactive with one another.
  6. Children learn in the context of interactions and relationships with family members, caregivers, educators, and other children in their immediate environment and within their community.

Children engage in a variety of learning activities designed to equip them with effective strategies for growth and development. Differentiated instruction is supplemented with hands-on activities and field trips that contribute to cognitive and physical development.

Dubai Schools Mirdif ensures that the curriculum it develops embodies these premises. It incorporates the knowledge of development and age-related characteristics, along with the recognition of the interrelated nature of developmental domains where learning in one area naturally influences another.

There is a recognition of how prior experiences as well cultural and social factors shape a children’s behavior and approach towards learning.

Dubai Schools Mission
Dubai Schools Mission

The curriculum also creates opportunities for children to develop positive relationships with their peers and provide appropriate experiences that both stimulate and gratify a child’s natural curiosity and desire to understand their world.

Play and experiential learning are central. Natural connections between the curriculum, family, and community are nurtured to help the child develop an increasingly sophisticated awareness and understanding of their community, culture, and religion.

The curriculum is personalized, differentiated, and adapted to fit cultural and linguistic contexts.

This child-first approach to the curriculum means that the school can step in quickly if a child meets roadblocks in social or developmental growth that might hinder their access to the curriculum to experience the best academic and socio-emotional success.